Laser Surgery

Laser Surgery - Equine Surgical ReferralsSurgery that can be performed with a diode laser includes:

  • Ventriculocordectomy (‘hobday’)
  • Ary-epiglottic fold resection
  • Staphylectomy (for persistent dorsal displacement of the soft palate)
  • Soft palate laser cautery
  • Uterine cyst ablation
  • Removal of skin lesions e.g. sarcoids

Trans-endoscopic laser surgery provides a safe, reliable and minimally invasive surgical method for treatment of many equine upper respiratory tract conditions (‘wind’ problems). It can also be used to treat lesions affecting other inaccessible parts of the body such as uterine cysts and urethral strictures.

Laser Surgery - Equine Surgical ReferralsMost trans-endoscopic laser surgery can be performed in the standing sedated horse, therefore there is no requirement for general anaesthesia.

For laryngeal or pharyngeal surgery, there is the additional advantage of having no surgical wound to take care of post-operatively, and no external scar is left.

The laser can also be used with a hand piece to act as a scalpel. This is used for the removal of sarcoid skin tumours and some other skin lesions such as melanomas or mast cell tumours.