Overground Endoscopy

Equine Surgical Referrals - Overground EndoscopyA horse that makes an abnormal respiratory noise at exercise can be doing so for a variety of reasons, and endoscopy performed during exercise is a key tool for accurate diagnosis of respiratory disorders (‘wind problems’).

During exercise, a horse breathes much faster and with more force than when standing quietly, and this induces collapse of structures which may look completely normal at rest.

Equine Surgical Referrals offers a mobile overground endoscopy service for all kinds of horses, including racehorses, showjumpers, eventers, hunters, dressage horses and more.

Often, the horse’s head position (flexed or extended) can make a difference to dynamic collapse and this is one of the advantages of ridden exercising endoscopy.

Equine Surgical Referrals - Overground EndoscopyThe horse should be exercised under the conditions which cause it to make the abnormal noise, and this may be on the gallops or ridden in a school. A small endoscope is placed up the horse’s nose and allows a video to be recorded of the larynx and pharynx. This video is recorded on a laptop computer placed in the saddlebag.

Safia has an international reputation for interpretation of exercising endoscopic examinations and has published many papers and textbook chapters on the subject. When examining a clinical case, the abnormalities seen, clinical history and the aspirations of the owner/trainer will be combined to make the best medical or surgical plan for that particular patient.