Safia’s expertise lies in equine soft tissue surgery and in particular upper respiratory surgery (‘wind’ ops), dental and sinus surgery and minimally invasive soft tissue surgery (laser surgery and laparoscopy).

Upper Respiratory Surgery
Diagnosis of wind problems can be straightforward but in many cases, an exercising overground endoscopy is needed to make an accurate diagnosis and formulate the most effective treatment plan.

Equine Surgical ReferralsSafia is an expert in tie-backs, tie-forwards, ventriculocordectomies (‘hobdays’) and other upper airway surgeries.

Many procedures can be performed in the standing sedated horse, for example, laser surgery, tie-backs or palate cautery, but others are more safely performed under a short general anaesthetic.

Dental and Sinus Surgery
Standing sinus surgery for treatment of primary or secondary sinusitis and dental extractions can be performed at most clinics with basic in-patient facilities, under standing sedation.

Safia at Equine Surgical ReferralsSafia is part of the team at Edinburgh University that first rejuvenated (in the late 90’s) and published on (2005) the Victorian technique of oral extraction of cheek teeth.

Dental repulsion, lateral buccotomy and minimally invasive extraction techniques are sometimes indicated in selected cases.

She also has a huge amount of experience in dental and sinus imaging, including of radiographs and computed tomography scans, and offers a teleradiology service to veterinary practices who are seeking a second opinion.